This is the pictorial story of my bout with cellulitis.

Friday, November 9th, I woke up around 4am shivering uncontrollably. I got up and got more blankets and went back to sleep. I woke up later in the morning to go to class. My right leg was hurting badly. It felt like I had pulled a muscle. I also felt nauseas, had a high fever, and also still had chills and shivering. I decided to skip classes, and just sleep all day.

The next morning I woke up and my leg still hurt. I had trouble walking and noticed that my leg was developing what looked like a rash. I eventually went to the Emergency Room, and this picture was taken shortly after I got done.

Day 1

They diagnosed me with cellulitis, prescribed me some pain medication and Bactrim antibiotics, drew a blue line on my leg, and sent me home.

This photo album is of my leg slowly healing.

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  1. It is a dangerous thing. I was admitted for a week late June at a hospital and given antibiotics via an IV. Til’ this day I still have redness and are taking anitbiotics. You need to take care of it and get it check out again. It may come and go..

    1. I was diagnosed with cellulitis two years ago. It started with chills, fever and pain on my lower back. Once I started vomiting uncontrollably I went to the ER. Since I had pain on my lower back they thought I had a kidney infection so they send me home with antibiotics. Of course they didn’t work and was feeling worse not better. So I ended up going back to the hospital and they admitted me because the fever was not going down and the pain was increasing in my back. Now it was hot and red. They took three days to finally culture my back and they found staph bacteria. They finally used the correct anfibiotic vancomycin through IV for seven days. And once discharged with augmentim 875. I was told that since I had severe eczemza I scratched too hard and caused the infection cellulitis. I also have a low immune system. I now know the symptoms and three times since the first time I have had to go on augmentim 875 for 10 days. It has worked for me until now. Hope my experience helps.

  2. It certainly is. Its been over a year now, and thankfully I haven’t had any more problems. You can’t even tell now that my leg was infected. Hopefully it won’t ever come back.

    1. Hi jeff, pls advise how I can be able to view photos of your leg in its recovery phase. I got cellulitis on Jan 17 and am anxious as to how the colors of healing looks like as well as recovery time range.
      Thanks for posting your story. I did not realize there are so many of us who experienced this skin problem.


  3. Robert Ramirez
    Ive had cellulitis reoccur atleast 7 or 8 times. The last time was September/October 2008. The redness came back early January 2009 and is still there but blood tests came back negative as they have before. my docter said to wait it out over the next few months. Should I be concerned or just live with it untill somethins happens?

  4. Thts the whole problem. I have seeked out help and everyone says just wait and see…but its so, so not right when you look down at your leg and have this red blotch that wont go away. Thanks for respoding though! I didn’t know if anyone would respond.

    1. Hey Jedida, this is my first post but I felt compelled to respond. I have a myriad of health conditions and am very well taken care of by my doctors. I am very proactive about my treatment but sometimes there is nothing the docs can do. I tested negative for infection. My shins turn ted, both of them. They ate hot and you can’t even breathe on them without pain. I rub coconut oil on them and oil from the bark of the graviola tree, Jasmin oil, lavender oil and frankensense and myrrh. All of the oils may be purchased at Puriton.com and the graviola oil at rainforest.com. I know this seems excessive but within 20 minutes of doing this it goes away and quits throbbing! It still comes and goes but this helps. I have autoimmune diseases, plural and this is just a side effect. Some side effect huh! Well I hope this helps some. Sorry for the spelling .

      1. I finished taking Clindamycin lat week for 10 days.The area where the bed bug bit Mr I’d still red .The other area has faded .Is this normal?I am scared .I have a doctors happy the day after tomorrow.No streskingot spreading no pimples around the outsidr

  5. How long did the whole recovery process take? I just started the antibiotics and it feels a lot better, just wondering how long my leg will be all red and blotchy…

    1. I finished taking my Clindamycin 4 days ago I was bitten by a bedbug in a straight line of 4 bites.Although the leg is noticsbly much less red in color the are of the bite is still red.Will it go away soon?I am putting alcohol on it and cold compresses.This is my first time with cellulitiis.Is this redness normal?

  6. I got that horrible illness, just now recovering. I went to the hospital 2 days after cutting my arm on a nail. First it just turned red, then these horrible itchy blisters broke out. My hand was all swollen, I could no longer make a fist. It was bedtime, and I went to bed like that. It was even worse in the morning. I was so scared, I looked like a lepar, and was concerned about the care of my children if I were admitted, and I was….for 3 days iv antibiotics….a visit from my md, and an infecticios disease dr. Now, I am back home, and on strong medication…..I hope I never get that again….

  7. Just went to the dr. today with what seems to be the same thing. Started with an insect bite 2 days ago. Am on antibiotics but Dr. said if I get fever or chills over the weekend to go right to the ER for IV antibiotics.

    I think I caught it early. Red and swollen and just starting to spread.

    Now I have to stay home off my feet the whole weekend.

    I never heard of this until I got it.

    Best wishes to all.

    1. I don’t knw what happened i went to on the ninth and the next morning i woke up and i noticed my arm was red lik i was bite by somthing and by the next day there small lil blisters were on my arm by the fourth day i noticed it was starting to spread so i went to urgent care the took a culture and i just got the results back and it said neg. I also went to the hospital before i got the results back and they said it was celluilits and they gave me some bactrium i am currently on it now and i feel a lot better but now i have a spot on my upper thigh so now i am worried but i called urgent care and told them they said keep takin the meds the one on my arm is healing. I hope i never get this again it is scary.

      1. I have this too since 2010, insect bite to my ankle then I scratched it , then a few minutes, its so itchy that you just want to scratched it whole day long. The worst part is at night that I cant sleep because it’s soooo itchy that I just want to scraped my skin, so crazy!Then my ankle turning red , swollen, on 2nd day blisters appear. Welt is getting big especially when I stand for a long period of hours. I went to my Dr. and prescribed me an antibiotics, cream for itchy, and benadryl. I also have an aloe vera for burn relief that soothes the skin affected. then I elevated my leg and compress ice pack on the area, and it really helps a lot.

  8. Lucky you guys. I got cellulitis from working in a hospital. It’s been over a year and the first time around with the antibiotics it went away for a few months. My spouse and I moved into a new home and I must have agrevated it somehow and it came back full force. Now it will not go away. I’ve been to the doctor again for the same antibiotics. I’ve tried the ph balance of the body thing seemed to work. The itching part (yes I know it’s healing) I can not stand. It drives me nuts until I just end up scratching at it. Sigh, am I doomed for life?

  9. So glad to see someone is talking about this… I started out with a little red spot on my chin friday 1/2010, by Sunday my face was really sore and swollen..Went to ER and they said I had a abscess on chin so they lanced it and drained it. Then it still kept getting worse even taking a antibiotic(Bactrim). By Tues. I could not put my teeth together cause my gum was so swollen, lips looked like I got backhanded a FEW times and no jaw line was visible on the left side of my face and I had never been so nauseated. Went back to the ER Wed. early morning had a Cat Scan and blood work done. Next thing I new they were bringing me morphine for pain and a IV antibiotic. They released me that day with a prescription of pain meds and another antibiotic to take along with the first one. I was not able to eat for 3 and half days, symptoms of the condition and all the meds were all making me sick. So I took the pain meds one day and had to start taking Ibuprofen instead. All in all I think this pain has been worse than recovering from my 2 C-sections having my girls.

    So I was hoping to find out if there are many cases that people get it back in the same place again…

      1. I have it on my right side. Just under neath my breast. I have been put on 2 rounds of antibiotics. Each time the antibiotics ends, it seems like it just flares back up again. I just want this thing to go away. The infection seems like it is getting better when I am on the anitbiotics, but flares up again once I take the last one. I have to go back to the doctor again tomorrow. I really hope this things goes away soon.

  10. I contracted cellulitis in my face a few days before Xmas 2009. By Boxing Day it had spread so badly that I went to A&E, where I was given Augmentin antibiotics. They had no effect at all and by 29 December I was in hospital for a few days of intraveinous Teicoplanin. That helped but certainly didn’t clear it up completely. I then had to take a combination of 500 mg each of Flucloxacillin and Phenoxymethylpenicillin Potassium for a week, which made me nauseous but seemed to work. A few days days later my face started coming up red and swollen again and I was put on 500 mg Azithromycin (a non-penicillin antibiotic) for 6 days. Again it seemed to work, but a few days after finishing the meds the infection took hold again. A further 10 days of the same tablets finished on Sunday – it’s now Wednesday night and I’m going to have to go back to the doctor tomorrow as my left eye, where it all started, is itching like mad and I’m still getting the tingling sensation that Azithromycin produces. Am otherwise fine but it’s all extremely worrying. Surely one can’t go on taking antibiotics forever, but there seems to be no other known remedy.

  11. I am a massage therapist and I was diagnosed with cellulitis this past weekend. I was pretty sure that was what it was, but my doctor insisted on doing tests for blood clots too. No clots but a night in the lovely (not!) hospital. Are blood clots something that occurs with celluitis? I also have rheumatoid arthritis, so this is a double whammy for me. I got a couple IVs of something and they sent me an antibiotic and something that doesn’t work for the pain. The swelling is coming back today. If it swells again tomorrow, should I go back to the ER?

  12. I was diagnosed with cellulitis 2 months ago on both legs. Had the 2 weeks of augmentin. Most of the pain went away, but both legs are still swelling. The area that was infected is still a little achy and itchy. But its also hard. Like a giant numb lump. They did the ultrasound etc and it wasn’t phlebitis. But the severe edema eased up. I am also a nurse that was on 12 hr shifts. I wish I knew how I got this. After 2-3 months I have discomfort. My legs turns red sometimes, around the lumps hurt and I now walk with a slight limp. Somehow my left heel aches so much. I know I have to go back to the doctor, but very afraid ill be sent home with a prescription again. I would much rather the IV. :(

    1. What is augmenting i wanted to knw because people say that, that works i never knew anything about this until now to so i am lost at least everyone that has this it comes bac so do you every get rid of this or is this a chronic matter can somebody answer that because this has never happened and i have been bite befor i have had my organs tested to make sure they are ok and i have had blood test done to and it itches so bad i can’t scratch because that will make it worser. This is the 7th day having it but my 3th day on oral antibotics and i am scared to scratch my head my face everywhere. Should i find a skin doc i am only 31 years old and i have beautyful skin and face and i get noid when thing lik this happen.Can someone tell me wht to do .Denise.Hubert@ymail.Com thankyou.

    2. I have a similar incident. I fell on the steps outside of a family member’s home. When I got home I cleaned the area and put bactracian ointment on the scrape. My ankle was swollen and the leg was a little red the next day, but I thought that was to expected. One week later, the area surrounding the injury was very red. I went to Urgent Care and was diagnosed with Cellulitis, he prescribed Celflex for two weeks and my dermatologist prescribed Bactrium for two weeks. I decided to take the Bactrium and upon completion. My leg felt much better, but was still healing, bruised and itchy in the area. My ankle continued to swell to the point, I had to wear flip flops. Today is September 1, 2013 and I am still experiencing itching in the area, slight soreness and a very swollen ankle. I am going to visit my doctor 9/3/2013 to ensure that the healing process is on point.

  13. Well I just got diagnosed this last week in the emergency room. I am at home now and it is slowly disappearing. Right now, the redness has subsided a lot and there are two numb spots that are quite hard. They did check for clots, all good there.

    I also got some streaking, but it’s not moved further. The streaks are still warm to the touch and burn a bit, especially when I walk.

    I have 4 more days of clindomycin (sp?) and then back to a doctor.

    I tried to look at your pictures but they are marked private. Did you get hard spots or streaks?

  14. I got cellulitis on my right leg in mid september and was treated with 14 days of antibiotics, doc told me to have bedrest. I still have some marks still on my leg and a very swollen foot and ankle which is really warm to touch. Doc sent me for blood tests for clots etc which are clear. Can anyone recemmend any alternative therapy for this condition as I feel my life is on hold until it clears. Thanx x

    1. Take 3 drops of oil of oregano mixed with 1tsp of coconut-oil and 1 tsp honey 5 times a day for the first 3-4 days, then maintenance dose of 3 times a day for a week.
      Also rub the area with a mix of coconutoil and oregano oil 4 times a day
      Morning and night do clay poultices
      Once a day tumeric poultice
      Lots of water and ginger tea and a cup of milk with 1 spoon of tumeric at night

  15. I now have had cellulitis for 13 times it takes both rocephen and cipro together to fight this disease it started after I had surgery in Toronto and had been a problem for 4 years. The first time I had it it was diagnosed as the flesh eating disease and with the fast actions from my doctor I was able to survive with my leg and am very greatful. But now I have reocurring cellulitis and the last time about 3 weeks ago I had it almost as bad as the first time. The red and swelling sent entirely up my leg in the matter of 3–4 hours and was kind of scary after the swelling went down I lost layers and layers of skin off of my leg and foot. My toenails are falling off again and the skin is tightening up. I have read a lot about this disease but have no answers. I have went to an infection specialist and still have no answers. I thought I had beat it especially after not having it for 2 years but it started again as bad as it was the first time. I just wish there were answers. I had no other cuts or any other injuries to my leg before all of this started. Thank you for listening

    1. well i had a lymph node biopsy september 2012, three weeks later my right arm red swollen. in hospital 4 days. three weeks after that, i got the red swollen pain in left arm. they say its cellulitis, went to hospital again for 4 days. now its in my left leg. its very painful! when does it end!!

  16. wow i must be one of the lucky ones to find a site like this, I just got diagnosed with the cellulitus in my foot, 2 days ago. i originaly thought my foot was sore from the new boots that i had recently bought, i worked with it for a few hours then the pain got unbearable and couldn’t stand any pressure. that afternoon, went to my PCD and heard the bad news. now 2 days later and its only getting darker red, but spreading slow. i hope they fix this because i am not a couch potato,

  17. I was just diagnosed with cellulitis a 2 days ago. I went to the Er thinking I might have a blood clot in my thigh after 3 weeks of upper thigh pain on my outer thigh. Not sure what caused this, but I was stung by a scorpian at a motel about 2 months ago and my ankle (same leg) has been terribly painful. So after all the tests, they said I had no abcess or clots and said it was cellulitis. They gave me a dose of IV antibiotics and sent me home with a script for Clindamycin for 10 days and tylenol 3 chich I didn’t get as that stuff makes me sick to my stomach. So far the pain is about the same and the skin is hard as a rock and sore. After reading this blog, I sure hope I recover from this and it doesn’t reoccur. Glad to know that I am not alone.

  18. Update.
    After almost 6months with this odd infection, the swelling stopped. The darkness in my legs are slowly fading. Sometime I still get slight discomfort but its almost gone. I hope.

    Cellulitis can reoccur many times, this was my second time getting it. The first time it lasted 2 weeks, I caught it early and stopped it. This time it got me at full blast, to the point where I couldn’t walk.

    Im just happy its almost all gone.

  19. I finished my 10 day supply of antibiotics. Now I am using crushed garlic in a little olive oil to the area. I read garlic kills staph. I also read rubbing alcohol does too. So I will be using that after I bath on the area when my pores are open. Getting sick of this!

    1. I think you need to keep on with the anti biotics this can spread very quickly I came off for 48 hours and it came back with a vengeance. Maybe you will be a lucky person though. Once you have a deep tissue infection rubbing stuff on the outside does not really help…because there is deep tissue inflamation too and it wants to spread all over you as quickly as possible like when a piece of meat starts rotting nothing stops it,..sorry to sound gross!

  20. Okay I have had this pain in my groin that feels like a pull but now this feeling is slowly going down my leg but there is no redness and I don’t feel sick or anything else just the pain in my leg…is this bad??

  21. This is a discussion on “Cellulitis” not “Cellulite”. I know it may look like the same word, but they are so different. Id deal with cellulite any day, any time. Cellulitis on the other hand… good god its painful and scary.

    Its been almost 8 months now, and all that’s left of it are the darkness of my legs and little lumps. The dark area was one large hard mass, now its breaking up and getting it normal texture again.

  22. Hi, I was diagnosed w cellulitis 10 days ago, I was put on antibiotics for 10 days (just took my last pill) The affected area was my entire lower leg, the area is now about the size of a baseball, it is still red, but not as bright, and it isn’t tight and shiny like it was. It does however itch like crazy!!!!! Makes me want to pull my hair out! Did anyone else experience this?? Also, how long does it take for the skin to look normal again?? Thanks for your help

  23. My husband has been diagnosed with Cellulitis. He has been hospitalized for 11 days on an IV antiboitic. It took 4 different ones until they found one that works. He is home now and experiencing sever almost unbearable pain. How long does the pain last? His lower leg is hard and hot. His foot is swollen and his leg is too. He is taking pain medication but it does not help. He is on oxychodrone. What can be done to help and how long will this last?

  24. Really interesting reading from all you poor cellulitis sufferers. My 3 year old has facial cellulitis around her eye, she had a bad bout of flu which weakened her immune system, I have visited 4 different doctors all who have been rubbish in diagnosing & prescribing correct treatment. We eventually got antibiotics for 10 days which reduced the swelling & infected area however it is still red & covers the whole area around her eye down to her cheek. Anyone eye had this?

  25. I had this for many years and I started looking at daily homeopathic remedies. I now take daily doses of Oil of Oregano, Garlic and Tumeric (all natural supplements) and haven’t had any problems in over two years. If you only take one thing, take the Oil of Oregano in caplet form every day. It is a natural antibiotic that your body can never build up an immunity to. If you have had this many times and taken way too many antibiotics, try a high daily dose of Oil of Oregano for a couple of months. It worked for me and it is totally natural.

  26. I had cellulitis in Aug 2010, hospitalised for 14 days with IV antibiotics, 2 weeks of dressings to leg after it all burst open and oozed watery pus type stuff. My leg is still swollen now, cant wear shoes, but thankfully no discomfort. Unfortunately scratched my leg 4 days ago and have a small sore which is oozing again. I pray that no-one else ever gets this, as it is a horrendous, painful disease.

  27. I was bitten by my dog four days ago on my thigh. On the second day after the bite it had swollen up badly and was bruised and red so I went to my gp who referred me to the hospital. Doctor gave me antibiotics to clear the infection and cleaned and bandaged it and told me if I see a red streak going up my leg to come immediately back. It feels like there is some sort of tissue damage though because it hurts so bad when I walk. Anywho, on the third day which was yesterday I woke up and the redness had extended up my leg however it’s not in the form of a line but seems to be covering the whole side of my thigh. It spread so quickly, so I drew dots on it to monitor if it spreads anymore. I didn’t know whether to go back to the hospital or not as it’s not the red streak the doctor described and I’ve just recently discovered today that it’s Cellulitis from researching it on the internet. I feel very sick as well, so all in all it looks like I’ll be making another trip to the hospital tonight or tomorrow.

  28. I began my 5th bout (in a year) with Cellulitis on 12/31/2010. It started with my right abdomen just feeling sore and tender. Within 2 days, I had fever, chills, and was in HORRIBLE of pain. Since this was my 5th time, I had called my doctor and they prescribed me an antibiotic over the phone to start immediately. I barely even had the red rash on the outside at this point. First thing, the next morning (Monday), I went to the doctor. I had a HUGE, we’ll call it a lump, under my skin that had tripled in size (& pain) overnight. (and a little more redness on the outside, but nothing compared to my previous ones.) My doctor immediately sent me to the hospital where I had to stay for almost 5 days on 2 different round the clock antibiotics. After some convincing, the doctors released me with oral antibiotics and pain pills. My ‘lump’ or infection in my abdomen has went down some, but 2.5 weeks later, I am still in pain! It hurts to do just about anything except for lay. It’s so sore and tender that I actually hold the ‘lump’ when I have to move. I’ve been to the doctor since and go again in 2 more days where I will probably be sent to a surgeon. Although, there is nothing inside my ‘lump’, so I don’t know what he/she will do…I’ve had to get more blood tests and am basically just stuck ‘WAITING’ for answers and to heal. It seems like I am getting this harder & faster, everytime I battle this. (This being the worst thus far)This is the condensed version of the horror I’ve been dealing with…And as an fyi, they do not have a clue why I am getting this & I do not have MRSA. I don’t know which is worse, the pain, the not knowing why, or the frustration of never knowing if and when it’s going to strike me again.

  29. I woke up 2days ago with the left side of my nose swollen and itchy.Immediately I felt I’d been bittern by a spider. As the day progressed the redness spread to my forehead and I became slightly nauseous and the area also became tingly.I went the doctor the following morning & diagnosed with Cellulitis & he prescribed antibiotics. I’m reluctant to use antibiotics as I’ve always found alternative meds more successful for me. I am taking the antibiotics and I have noticed my face seems to be very slowly improving?? although the rash seems to have spread to my chest,arms,back and legs throughout today. I have been very careful re. my food intake,eating only fresh fruit & veg & natural yoghurt plus lots of water. I’m keen to try natural meds, I have been using Tea Tree Oil on the infected areas, it seems to relieve the itching & I’m planning on using Oil of Oregano when I’ve finished this course of antibiotics. Here’s living in Hope…

    1. Did you survive I thought this was a very serious condition for which you had 24 hours to get on with it otherwise hospital…!

  30. Well, this was interesting reading. Got this disease a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t know what it was at the time, I just thought they were itchy bites from insects or bugs. Didn’t think much about it and started scratching. First big mistake. The itching feels so good for about 30 seconds and then it feels ten times worse. Couldn’t help myself and kept on itching during the day. Before I knew it the red spots started spreading up my leg slowly day by day. I started using tea tree oil. That worked to stop the itching for a while. Slowly it affected my sleep because of the itching. Got up earlier every morning and couldn’t sleep anymore. About two weeks after it started the scratching opened up and started using yellow honey like syrup and the skin dried up and scaling. Also spreading to the other leg with tiny read pimples. And my fingers as well. So I decided to go on a fast. Another mistake. I fast a lot, sometimes up to 30 day twice a year so I thought this would take care of it. Well it didn’t after the second day the itching drove me insane and I knew it was time to go and see a doctor…….just on time. Was going to put me on an IV but decided to give me antibotics. After the first two hours of taking these and some steroids I felt fantastic again. Got some tablets for the itching as well. Last night I didn’t sleep because of the steroids I think. Was up all night watching tv and waiting for my leg to improve. Well 30 hours later I feel ok. The leg has settled, the other leg as well. Itching stopped but when it does I won’t touch it anymore. I learned the hard way never to itch again. I rather go through the itch sensation. I lightly touch it and tickle it. It stops then. Anyway, that’s my story. What a awful disease. Its torture. Just don’t itch I say, makes it spread all over the place. Use tea tree oil from New Zealand as well. I put it on when the itching starts and it settles again. Hopefully it will disapear. If it starts again one day I take antibotics earlier. Hopefully I don’t have to deal with this shit again. There you have it, cheers

  31. have had a swollen leg for 4-5 weks now. started with foot, spread up my calf and is right about at mid knee now.
    makes puttingmy shoe on tough, and it squeeezes real bad all day.
    Dont have medical insurance, i always work 40 hours a week but am not considered fulltime. so i have put off going to any doctors, and i cant afford it anyway, or to even take time off work. i need every penny i earn just to pay rent, utilities and eat.

    i thinksoething may have bit me since i have had a problem with some kind of bird mites or something for a long time in this house, even since i moved in 3 years ago.. i think they are in the rug, cause i have sprayed all kinds of flea and chemical sprays and they never go away, and i stil often wake up with bites on my legs. i even dust the rugs with borax and diatomaceous earth, which seems to help.

    I never had a swollen leg though before.
    I found some keflex i had left over from a cyst i had removed from my neck about a year ago. I took them every six hours until today because they are gone. It seemed to help a little, but now i dont have any left and only had them for 4-5 days.

    I dont know what i’ll do now. I havent felt sick yet, or had any chills or anything. but my leg is so puffed out that it does ache and i cant kneel down because its so swelled my leg cant bend all the way. the other leg is fine.

    I know i have a cople old penicillins in my fridge from a year ago. maybe i can try that, and my cat had some amoxicillen from 2 ears ago, i can try that too.
    I even found six more keflex’s but they are from 3 years ago so i dot know how effective they will be but that is what i am doing to start on in six hours when my final one i took wears off.

    its not like i am afraid of dying if thats what this will cause. I am a christian with complete faith in all God says in the bible. i know I will go to heaven. all real christians have to suffer before glory. thats what it says in the bible. the tv prosperity preachers are all unbiblical con men. and the healing ministries depend on people who are afraid to die since they dont know word one of the bible, and cling to this life with all they have, mainly because they realy have no faith in God’s Word and resurrection in the first place. healing just temporarily puts off the inevitable, death.
    Jesus didnt come and die for my sins and pay the penalty that was due for me just so i could buy a few exra years on earth by being healed of some particular malady.

    Christianity is not a crutch, christianity is a CURE…and that kind of faith doesnt come from being zapped by some quack preacher, it comes from reading, understanding, knowing and believing the revealed Words of God.
    It is far better to be with jesus than to be here on earth, thats common biblical knowledge…

    Its just that I dont want to leave my cat all by herself, or have any one else take her. she is pretty well spoiled, since i have always treated her as more of a friend than a pet. I know nobody else will ever treat her that way.
    thats the only thing moving me to try to get this thing fixed.
    If it wont kill me, and its not a staph infection that will eventually kill me, i’ll just have to live and suffer with this fat red aching leg and hope it doesnt spread any higher.

    anyhow, thanks for the many helpful answers here. there really is very little information other than the same hearsay spoken over and over on the internet about this topic.

    1. Hm can’t you afford to buy some new pencillian you need a course..of fresh antibiotics oddments that have been hanging around in the fridge are not likely to do the trick …its awfulizing the situation to think that you have to get sick over this?

      1. You can buy generic keflex (cephlexin) without a prescription at some pet supply stores or online pet stores.it used in fish tanks to control bacterial infections in fish.it is called fish flex 250mgs for100 capsules for 31.95 it is human quality and safe to take I have used it for years thay have other kinds of antibiotics as well all to teat fish disease

  32. I was diagnosed with cellulitis earlier this week. I think I cut myself shaving, but I don’t know for sure. But my leg started swelling on the inside of my right knee. It was itchy and red and hard in spots. I went into the doctor and she diagnosed me and gave me cephellex antibiotics and drew a line on my leg, told me to call back if when significantly beyond. So the next day I woke up and it did go beyond-started spreading down my leg. So I went back in and they gave me a shot of antibiotic. So the knee area is getting better now, but it seems like the bacteria is traveling down my leg and now there is a new painfull/itchy spot near my ankle. Very painful and hard to walk, but I still don’t have fever, chills, or any other signs. Should I go back to the doctor? Or wait it out? Don’t know what to do.

    Jabob-that is a very deep. I think you should go to the doctor.

  33. I fell down the stairs about 3 weeks ago and sprained my ankle and got some deep bone bruising on my chins. That’s all healed now, but where I broke the skin on one lower leg is now infected with cellulitis. It is hard and numb to the touch and peeling a little. It is raised a little and I get edema in the ankle as the day goes on and I am walking around on my feet a lot. At first it was really hot to the touch and bright red. Then I started on some Clindamycin and it seemed to help a little, not so bright in color, not hot to the touch, not so painful. That was 10 days ago, now it’s getting warm to the touch again. The hardness and numbness never went away. I’m allergic to all sulfas and penicillans so I am a challenge for the doctors, but I’m assuming it started working but then built up an immunity to the meds so now I will have to go back to get a different med. I’m lucky because it isn’t very painful, unless I hit it on something, but it’s very ugly and annoying.

  34. Early signs for folks with recurrent cellulitis? I have had 2 rounds of cellulitis in 2009 and 2010, both in the spring, both associated with minor injuries (soccer cleat to the shin and ingrown toenail). This year I have been determined not to get it again – I have been using polysporin-type OTC ointments on anything that looks like it might be infected on my feet, i am drinking an extra 6 glasses of water a day and I am spending 30 min a day on the elliptical and limiting carbs at night. The water has been instrumental in keeping the edema down which I believe is a strong correlate with cellulitis.

    But now that the weather is starting to warm up, I am noticing very minor shooting pains and minor tightness in my right leg (the affected leg both times) – they are minor but they are noticeable enough for me to freak out and check for cuts and heat and redness. They are not really centralized to any spot and come and go. I do not have any signs of an open would on my feet or legs – I do have a toenail that is not growing normally, but I do not touch it at all ever since the ingrown toenail last year set off the cellulitis – but the toenail has no sign of infection.

    I suppose my question is: Has anyone tried to document the early signs of cellulitis – I know my doctor isn’t going to put me on antibiotics unless I have redness or fever if I can’t document – but I would much rather nip a pre-cellulitis event in the bud with oral antibiotics than have to spend time in the dirty nasty hospital. My wife of course says it is all in my head.

    Does anyone know of a cellulitis forum where people can document their symptoms/treatment/recovery etc? With all the responses to this forum (and my nurse at work telling me that cellulitis infections have been on the rise for the last 5 years) it would seem that we need a resource to compare symptoms to try and prevent the awful effects of these bacteria. I am not a diabetic and my doctor says my circulation is fine. Most of the resources online just say the basics but don’t get into early symptoms. Maybe they don’t exist or perhaps doctors have not thought to document them.

    Please wish me luck for the coming months! Thanks Jeff for creating this site.

    1. Hi I also have had 2 bouts, same thing my right leg started to hurt around the knee and I thought was just that I ran for the bus one day and my old knees couldnt take it. I feel now it was a sign, now going to take my temp at all times and where long pants even in the summer as I CAN NOT GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN. I am becoming immune to the antibotics thats very scary. It took 2 months for it to go away this time. Now trying to build up my good bacteria and will keep my skin soft as they say that is key.

  35. My Husband was diagnosed with the disease in both his lower limbs, in november 2010. It began one day when he felt feverish after a brisk evening walk. Self medication for fever was relieving hence he went to work the next day but complained of slight ache in his calf muscles. But being an ardent walker thought that it must have been because of excessive walking on an inclined surface. Next two days followed with extremely high fever with chills and no diagnosis of cellulitis by our medical practitioner.
    He was then hospitalised for a week and was given antibiotics thru iv and after discharge for a continued course of heavy antibiotics at home. movement was totally restricted to only visits to the washroom as it caused a lot of pain. The redness upto the calves of both legs reduced during the stay in the hospital and when we reached home the area darkened and then the skin dreid and peeled off as in winters. yes there was itchiness during this period. Took a period of two months to get cured and be up and about.

  36. I was diagnosed with cellulitis today, it came from a bout of athletes foot. My little toe had been swollen for about 4 days, i was using daktarin for the athletes foot which didnt seem to be working. After waking up with an even bigger little toe yesterday i had a phone conversation with the doctor who prescribed an anti-biotic cream. big mistake! this appears to have made it worse, this morning when i woke up my foot had started to swell and become red. i was given an appointment for that afternoon where the dr diagnosed the start of cellulitis. what amazed me was just how quick it had spread in just a few hours. i was given a weeks supply of flucloxacillin and told to elevate my foot and keep an eye on it, if it starts to spread further or i start feeling unwell to go straight back to the doctors or to A&E. i’m praying the antibiotics do their job and that i never get this again, the pain is horrendous and the athletes foot on top isnt helping as its across my toes rather than underneath them, that on top of the foot being swollen makes it impossible to walk. i’m hoping that i wake up tomorrow and it wont feel as painful as it does now.

  37. I started with pain in lower leg 19 days ago and so far can’t seem to get any relief from the pain. Was diagnosed by G.P. Am elevating my leg as much as possible have Keflex as antibotic and several creams but no relief.
    When should I seek more authorative advice?

  38. I started having redness, swelling and heat to my right lower leg last year in the summer. After visits to my regular doc, (who I have seen for 25 years) the ER and finally to a local urgent care, including extensive testing for blood clots (negative)I finally got the dx of “cellulitis”. I don’t have a fever and havn’t but I do feel run down and not my best. The urgent care doc finally got it to clear up with a big shot of ancef and a steroid, followed by keflex and steroids by mouth. It totally cleared up. Now, after about 5 months, it’s back. *sigh*. Very disconcerting. Not to mention painful and when mine gets really red and hot it itches so bad. The heat and redness seem to come and go thru out the day. Surprisingly, it’s very bad when I wake up most mornings. I don’t understand this at all. I guess I’m bound to return to the urgent care for more ancef and steroids.

    JACOB, hopefully you are better by now. If I were you I would be going to the nearest er and soon. They see patients without insurance all the time and will usually workout a payment plan.

  39. KATHLEEN: If you don’t see some improvement fairly quickly I would go to a different doc or maybe an ER or, like me, an urgent care. You should be checked for blood clots, even if the doc is sure it’s cellulitis, the doc at the urgent care told me that FIRST you have to rule out the thing that can kill you, deep vein thrombosis, which can present similarly. I had to go have a “stat” ultrasound to the veins and arteries in both my legs which thankfully were normal. My personal doc, who knows me well as I’ve seen him now for 25 years, did not even suggest this which is also quite disconcerting! Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

  40. I was diagnosed with cellulitis a little over three weeks ago. It is a hard lump a couple of inches wide and long on the inside of my upper left thigh. Was given Keflex for 10 days went down a little bit and that was it. I also had a stat ultrasound to rule out a blood clot. I am now on day 7 of a 10 day round of Bactrium and although it has went down just a little it is still rather large. I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday to see what is next. I have never dealt with this before although I did spend a total of three weeks in the hospital for severe asthma attack and pneumonia. I was on three IV antibiotics then and IV steroid before switching over to Predisione. I am thinking this has came from my suppressed immune system.

  41. A year ago I had cellulitis. It was a complete nightmare.
    The weather is warming up, and so are my symptoms. The affected area is warm, and there is shooting pain. Like being stabbed with needles. Im keeping my legs elevated at night. I need to get some antibiotics and get it before it gets me.

    My mom also had cellulitis several times over ten years ago.

    This sickness is so painful and confusing.

  42. yesterday morning I woke up with a mosquito bite on my forearm.There was a large tough knot underneath my skin.As the day went on it was spreading bigger and bigger.I asked my husband to take me to the er and got yelled at around 3pm.at midnight clearly something was wrong because it was even bigger and redder.I thought I had been bitten by a poisonous spider.Sat in the ER for hours then they said it looked like a bite and bacteria was trapped under my skin and I have cellulitis.I am 31 year old female also recently diagnosed with ITP (low platelet count) hence my weak immune system.I am taking keflex for 10 days every 6 hours and sulfameth twice daily.Doctor told me if it keeps spreading I may need steroid pills.wonderful…..anybody know how long this takes to heal with weak immune system.I am scared of complications =(

  43. Jeff, thanks for starting this blog with details and pictures on cellulitis. I had an 18-hour workday involving plane travel and my doctor & I are convinced that the endless sitting on the plane, the shuttle bus and in meetings caused a cyst in my lower back right at my belt line to become irritated and inflamed. Either that or some bug or insect on the plane bit me; we are not 100 per cent sure. Regardless, by the following day I was in pain and my husband examined the area and reported inflammation, a large swelling and an ‘angry red’ color. We started taking 1 picture daily so that when I arrived @ the doctor’s she had a reference. I have been on keflex for 2 weeks and my Rx runs for another 2-3 weeks. I also have received shots 4x per week for the past week and that has helped too. The area is now below the 4x4x2 size it swelled to; it is now pink & purple instead of ‘angry red'; and the daily photos show improvement. Once I recover the doctor & my husband & I are going to talk with a surgeon about removal of the underlying cyst, whether that will help reduce fuure occurrences or not. The location of it lends itself to irritation by clothing and sitting so we thought we would at least talk about potential options. I wish everyone here the very best in their diagnosis and recovery. Thanks again to Jeff for starting this blog.

  44. Hey, i have cellulitis on my lower left shin that has been there for 13 weeks. My doctor gave me antibiotics and it made no improvement, the hard lump went from 2inch to 11inches across now and i can’t walk because of the pain and swelling. Now i have the same symptoms on my right lower shin and the outside of my thighs, can it spread to other parts of the body? I have now had 7 couses of antibiotics and the doctor still thinks its not serious enough to have iv antibiotics even though i can’t walk, bend my legs or get around he thinks its ok :-( I have such tremendous pain and swelling i feel very depressed with it all and want it gone, i have a 5 week old daughter and its very difficult looking after her and she needs me. Is the severe pain and swelling normal?

    1. I am scared i just found out that i have that cellulitis and i am 31 years old and i hope this is gone and dont come bac because this is creepy and i am goin to my primary doc

  45. I just found out yesterday that i have cellulitis too . Wow I am so upset. I have no idea where I got this and want to know how long before I will feel better. so afraid

  46. I have had cellulitis 3x on my abdomen.. I am quite heavy and the cellulitis occurs under my belly flap on my incision line where I had my ovary and tube removed in 2010…I don’t know this late in the game if it can be still called a post op infection.. it usually starts with a lump along my incision line and progresses to a hard red abdomen.. the last time I was on Keflex IV for 5 days and then oral antibiotics…I now have another lump in the same place and it’s warm although I don’t know if it’s warm because of body heat or if it’s getting infected..I have lost a lot of weight so my belly flap is not as bad as it used to be but it is still there..my neighbourhood ER is just crappy… they’ve misdiagnosed this all 3 times now and I’ve had to go to the big ER in the middle of the city to be diagnosed properly.. but my disability worker won’t ok the cabs to go there any longer.. so if it gets worse i have to go to the crappy ER…I’m taking a wait and see approach to this current lump…

  47. I just got cellulitis last week on my right fore arm from my elbow to my wrist and didn’t know what it was. Went to the ER and told them my symptoms and they gave me Augmentin the Augmentin worked on my right arm but it showed up on my left arm right after that. Then I went to another ER and they gave me IV Vancomycin 250ml twice for two days and that worked but then I got it in my left eye so now I’m taking Clindamycin X3 daily but it’s still back now on my right arm. I’m a 50 year old male with HIV and scared to death over this infection that won’t go away. I’ve had so much antibiotics that I can taste it in my mouth all the time now but I’m worried that I may have to stay in the hospital for a long period of time and I have limited support.

  48. I am jacob who wrote back on Feb 19 2011. I’ll update you all on my adventure.

    Since I wrote originally, I continued asking people at work and my friends for any left over antibiotics they had, and one blessed woman at work gave me a whole 21 day supply of keflex, and various other 10 day penicillin and erythmycin. my brother also gave me a 14 day penicillin supply he had. So I kept taking everything until I ran out, and it helped stabilize the spread but it never made it go away. My foot remained huge and all summer. i couldnt wear my shoes unless i took all the laces out and didnt wear socks. but at least it went down somewhat on my shin and knee. It still remained red and clammy and itched all the time though.

    Then i got laid off from my job at the end of July. I had no antibiotics by then but it remained stable. But I always thought that it was just laying dormant and could blow up at any time. I also still could not bend down very well. my knee could only bend so far and then stop because it was still slightly swollen right below the knee and down, getting fatter as it went down to my foot. my foot never stopped being real fat and red, and the feeling was like pins & needles all the time in the foot like it is when your foot falls asleep.

    So fast forward to end of september. I was not eating very well because I still could not find a job and was only getting unemployment comp which was less than I needed to live on. behind by a couple hundred bucks each month and had to cut food out my budget to pay the rent & utilities. ate only a little bread & peanut butter daily and what money had left went for my cat’s food.
    So my immune system suffered from the lack of food. Then about october 1st I ate a can of mandarin oranges my mom had given me from storage and it must have been too old and I immediately got very sick and threw up so violently that my chest muscle all felt pulled.

    Next day a friend came over to give me some canned food and he had a cold. So the day after he came, my chest was hurting even worse. I seemed to have picked up his cold, and my chest muscles ached so bad i had to take ibuprofen round the clock just to be able to cough without unbearable chest pain. This went on for the rest of the month, it just would not go away, and my nose began tobleed from takeing the ibuprofen so much (i think it thinned my blood so it wouldnt clot and if i blowed my nose it would start bleeding). so i stopped taking them but it made my chest hurt so bad.

    To go with this, my leg blew up as well, but even worse IT NOW SPREAD TO MY OTHER LEG!. My other foot was now as fat as my left foot. I looked like i had elephantitis. I also could barely walk and bend either knee. It took me 15 minutes to just go outside and get my mail. I could hardly bend to get in my car either.

    Just going out to get some bread & milk became a major ordeal, and I was also burning up. I was in a grocery store one day and got so hot i had to take my shirt off and went all the home that way. My landlord saw me and told me I looked terrible, the worst he’d ever seen me, he said. Even my cat seemed very concerned and empathetic to my plight. I couldnt even get out of my chair in front of my computer to go to bed at night and I would sleep that way for many days.

    I finally got to the point that I wanted to go to the ER but could no longer get into or drive my car. I called my sister late one night on Thursday November 3rd and asked her if she could drive me to the ER. I could barely put my shoes on, that alone took 20 minutes. She kindly came and we went and were there till morning, and they said I probably had pneumonia but wouldnt know without tests and I told them I have no money so I couldnt, and i was given a very weak antibiotic (doxycycline) which I knew wouldnt probably do anything.
    I went home and even took double the dose for two days but I felt even worse. I called her again to take me back to the ER, and we went back Sunday afternoon.

    They insisted I get a catscan and all the tests, and wouldnt let me leave. It sucked because I wasnt prepared but I had no choice. They confirmed i had pneumonia in 4 places of my chest and admitted me to a bed. I was put on IV of 4 different antibiotics round the clock. azithromycin, amoxycillin, and two others I forget now. the azithro burned like mad going into my vein. They said that is normal. After 4 days of that, they added the bomber antiobitic, Vancomycin (very expensive too). I was feeling better in the chest, but my legs were still swollen. They gave me socks to put on but they wouldnt fit on my feet and i had to cut them to get them on.

    At least I was given vicodin every six hours for my sore ribcage. The 3 meals a day were heavenly and i needed the nutrition desperately. They also gave me klonopin to make me stop being so anxious about going home. I just wanted to take care of my cat, but at least my sister was feeding her once a day.
    I remained in bed on the IV all week and by Saturday my pneumonia seemed to be going away.

    But my arms were ripped apart from the needles, having had to switch IV arms midweek, and they also took blood constantly too.
    My legs were only beginning to get better at that point. I wanted to leave so bad and bugged them every day to let me go home, and finally Sunday they gave in. my arms coudnt take any more punishment anyway by then. They gave me a 10 day script for Augmentin and once home I purposely took a swig of pepto bismol with each dose because I heard that potentiates the augmentin, making it stronger. The augmentin gave me horrible diarrea, but I could live with that as long as it made my legs continue to improve.

    After 10 days I knew I needed more augmentin and called the doc to extend my script at least to 14 days, which he did, thank God. I am sure that extra 4 days made all the difference. By the end, my legs and feet finally were back to normal. My shoes fit easy now and I have feeling back in my feet. I kept working my feet and legs the whole time to get the blood flowing and let the augmentin get in there deeply. It took a lot of hard work to get my knees to bend again correctly.

    I ate yogurt for a week after that to get my good bacteria back in my digestive tract because augmentin is so strong it just wipes out all bacteria, good and bad. I had a big lump on my left elbow from the IV. I read that its a normal thing that happens after having an Iv, and they actually just call it “elbow lump”, as silly as that seems. It slowly went down after a couple months but I still have a slightly mis-shapen elbow even now, like the shape of that wicked witch’s chin in ‘wizard of oz’.

    I wished I had loaded up my ipod for the hospital stay. I brought it, but i didnt have it fully loaded like I’d wished. I learned my lesson and now keep it fully stocked at all times with my two favorite bands Deep Purple & Rush, and all my favorite preachers’ and theologians’ sermons and lectures which I love to listen to everyday. (Dick Lucas (especially), Alistair Begg, Don Carson, Carl Trueman, and some others). Listening to my Dick Lucas sermons was the one main thing that made my bed-ridden hospital stay bearable. (“Man doesnt live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the LORD” – (Jesus said that, and its the most basic thing anyone ever needs to now.). Also I watched tv there for the first time in a year since I had to cancel my cable. Thanks to The Sopranos, House, & NCIS it helped my stay be bearable as well.

    So far my feet & legs have stayed well & normal. And it’s all because I almost died from severe pneumonia that I got them healed. I probably would never have gone to the ER otherwise. But I now owe a tremendous bill which I cannot pay, and I’m still barely paying my rent & utilities and still eating only bread and peanut butter (at least now though I am taking a daily multi vitamin).. I am working daily at trying to get another job, putting my resume out there and interviewing, etc. at least so i hope something comes soon.

    Life is always a struggle and a tribulation but God said in the bible that this is what his pilgrims are to expect in this world if we are to remain true believers and worshippers. It doesnt say life will get any easier anywhere in the bible, at least until our journey is complete and we are resurrected to the true life as He meant it all along (At that time it becomes all worth the stuggle we went through on earth). The only ones who say life will get easier on earth and we will be prosperous are the false teaching ‘word-faith’ tv preachers, and they aren’t getting that from the bible.

    Hopefully somebody will get something out my ordeal, maybe if it’s only to remember to have your ipod loaded up in case you get stuck in the hospital for a while.

    1. @Jacob Brother God gave us doctors to help us when in need. There is never a good enough reason to not seek help in your fellow man when you are suffering like that. Hospitals are suppose to treat anyone that walks, crawls or is dragged through the doors. And I hope you talked to them about hardship payments or lessening your payment amount. I’m so glad that we got to hear back from you and that you seem to be doing well… well much much better then your first post. I go into my doctor later today (to freaked out and in pain to sleep) for what I’m sure is this condition and believe me if I need to go to the ER even though I have nothing left in my wallet I will. I will admit that I fear death but I believe in the love and help of the Lord. He does not want to let a treatable thing do me in or the lack of money to pay for it later. You are a very luck man Jacob and God was watching over you to let you last as long as you did. In the future please please just go in and get treated at the ER no matter the later cost from the hospital. Your family and cat need you man.

  49. I forgot to add that they also did that ultrasound thing on my legs while I was in the hospital. I guess were trying to make sure i didnt have blood clots, which I didnt. Also they kept giving me some kind of shot in my stomach to prevent blood clots. The 2 doctors in charge of me seemed to have no clue what cellulitis is when i told them that’s why my feet were so swelled up. I swear they didn’t even seem to have ever heard of it. I told them to go look it up on the internet, but you know how doctors are, you try to tell them something and they get offended and arrogant like they know so much more than you and how could you dare to question their judgment.

    1. Went through 4+ docs trying to find one that would work with t3 for my thyroid so I hear ya when you say they are to proud to go look something up. *heavy sigh*

  50. I have cellulitis in my elbow right now. They put me on bactrum, levaquin, and lortabs (for the pain), plus gave me a shot of antibiotics. It is still growing though. I think it needs drained….

  51. I’ve been fighting cellulitis on my lower leg for over a month. I’ve taken Doxycylclin, Augmentin and still saw no improvements. I finally went to the emergency room because I couldn’t understand why they hadn’t done any blood work on me yet. Went in yesterday, had blood drawn to check white count, they also sent off cultures to see what bacteria I we were dealing with, was put on Clindamycin IV and sent home with a prescription for it as well. I woke up this morning and my leg looks much better and a less swollen-woohoo I think we are getting it!!!

  52. kneeled on the head of a nail did not penetrate the skin but us plumbers have rough skin on our knees 3 days later knee swelled up and so did my shin was on cephalaxin orally then followed by the IV version of it at home, things got better but not 100%, had to have my left knee Incisioned and drained in the hospital. Got better and a couple weeks later a small boil appeared on the knee my doc said this is a seperate issue. I strongly dissagree and he put me back on Bactrim I am doing better now but still have this darn edema that comes and goes on my shin, this does make ya very concerned about the future and sucks for ones anxiety. Eat right and exercise and drink water like a fish God bless you all

  53. I got cellulitis on the inside of my right ankle following specialist liposuction for a condition called Lipoedema . I didn’t realise I had it for the first two weeks as I was in bandages and hosiery and thought it was post surgical discomfort . I started getting chills and noticed I had a slightly low temp of 35 degrees. I saw a doctor who diagnosed it and gave a week of augmentin which seems to have worked until a few days after I finished when it returned. Interestingly two weeks later I caught the norovirus which causes severe vomiting and diarreah. I had this for five days. During this time, I had my legs raised a lot and lots 8lbs in body fluid. By day threes legs looked great, no swelling, no redness, no itching, no hardness. Can’t say why this is for sure but possibly the virus gave my liver a chance to rest. Since I started eating and drinking again, my leg has got a little red and a small amount of swelling but nowhere near as bad as before. The virus was horrible but this is some consolation. After antibiotics I think the solution lies in detoxing your body so perhaps worth seeking advice of a nutritional therapist for this. Good site btw.

  54. I was diagnosed with facial cellulitis on February 12, 2012. I had a mild sinus infection while I was visiting family in Texas, and by Saturday, February 11, I began having pain below my right eye and had a fever of 101. I woke up February 12 with my cheek and right eye completely swollen and red, and very painful. By that afternoon, it had spread to my nose and left cheek. Went to the ER with chills, a fever, severe swelling and pain and was sent home with Bactrim and pain killers. Three hours later we were back in the ER as the infection had spread to my entire left side and eye. Was admitted into the Hospital for 4 days and received three IV antibiotics. The infection appeared to clear within 2 days. Was sent home with Zyvox for 10 days. All peeling has ceased, but the redness still remains on the right cheek (where it all began). Any idea of how long this redness can last? The redness appears to get worse every day as the day goes on. Thus, in the morning my cheek is clear, and by evening it looks like I have bright red blush on it.

  55. Finished my 10-day course of antibiotics on Sunday and am waiting to see if the last of it will clear up. I never had a fever but am still having severe fatigue.

    Jeff, I can’t get to your Flickr photo album, it says it’s private and I don’t have authorization.

  56. I was just diagnosed on sat March 9th. woke up the 7th with a tender spot on the inside of my right elbow. By that evening the pain had spread up my arm and some redness had appeared. i havnt had any surguries, cuts, bites, ingrown toenails or anything else like i seen others say. i to never heard of this till Sat in the er…. i am on antibiotics (cipro) for 10 days. so far i can move my arm again, it is still very sore, however the redness is almost gone. but now i am seeing ugly bruising where the redness was. Is that normal? i hav to admitt i wasnt to worried about this untill i found this blog….now, IM WORRIED! : /

    1. After reading all these stories about cellulitus I am getting worried. Seems like the one thing everyone has in common “It keeps coming back” YUCK !!!! I’m on my second day of Bactrim hope it clears it up.

      1. I have the same thing. Was diagnosed with cellulitis on my shin/calf after getting a deep cut from a fall. After a couple days on the antibiotics, the redness has started to change to a bruise looking color. How did yours turn out?

  57. Got cellulitis on my inner left thigh a few weeks ago. Came on suddenly and in 24 hours was full blown. I had sweats, chills, shakes, it was horrible. Thankfully those symptoms subsided after 2 day I was put on Keflex for 10 days. I took at least 3 days to kick in and I was helped by a lot Extra Strength Tylenol. Felt best lying down. The pain evetually cleared but kind of thought I should have been taking the antibiotics even longer. I did get a 2nd prescription for something different but didn’t have it filled. There’s still a lump on that thigh tender to the touch but no debilitationg.

    2 weeks later I have it on my right inner thigh. WTF?!?! Going back to doc tomorrow morning. Going to Europe in a few months and can’t be hobbled by this! Is there no treatment other than antibiotics? Preventative?


  58. I have been hospitalized with cellulites three times in the last year. Each time I am in there for a week…IV meds and everything. Once it went septic. And, now after a few months of just the left over scared leg I have knot like spot on the back of my leg and it is tender to the touch….I can’t go back to the hospital….

  59. I am only 24 and was diagnosed with cellulitis today and the dr gave me a shot of antibiotics and 2 different pills to start taking. She said if the red area increased or I got a fever to go to the ER. The red area has doubled and my fever went up to 99.3 but now it has leveled off and the red spot doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger…. I can’t decide if I should go to the ER or not… Any suggestions???

  60. I got Cellulitis in the middle of December 2011. I have read most of the blogs and still have a few legal questions and I was hoping someone could provide guidance or at least their experience.

    My Celluliits was most likely brought on by very long hours at work and the requirement of having to wear work boots in my work environment.

    What recourse do I have if I am laid-off from my work after the doctor has released me? I work in the state of California which is a “right-to-work” state. Do you know of anyone who has sued their employer because of this condition to cover long-term medical costs?

  61. I’ve had cellulitis on my left-inside ankle since January 2009. I did the acute-care visits, followed by 5 days in the hospital and another 6 weeks on oral antibiotics–the monster-strong ones. My doctors said to watch it, blah, blah, blah. But for me, it’s been chronic. Three and a half years and counting.

    Two things have helped very dramatically, but not cured the cellulitis, so if you have a minor case of it, they might help you. 1.) When my leg was so incredibly swollen and hard, I theorized that the IV meds were not actually making their way to the infection. I asked the hospital doctor for a Thrombo-Guard device, which they use on post-op patients to prevent clots. It massages the edema back into your system, taking the painful swelling down very fast, and allowing the meds in. Within 2 hours, I could walk around the floor with my IV pole. Trouble is, I need one at home and have no health insurance (or even doctor anymore), so I can’t use this miracle machine–you can’t get one without prescription, and they’re hugely expensive. 2.) Acupuncture. The acupuncture doctor did not puncture the blisters, but she improved the circulation by at least 50%, the blisters drained both externally (weeping) and internally, and I was left with a dark burn-like scar. In hot weather (I’m in Phoenix, Arizona!), the cellulitis worsens and the blisters return.

    Those are my successful treatments, though not cures. As they say on TV, “Your results may vary,” but at least those are some options to consider.

  62. after sufering a painful red leg i went to the gp on last wednesday i was told its cellilitus and given antibiotics and painkillers and told if it get worse come back any ideas what would ease the ithching

  63. I was diagnosed with cellulitis on 5/16. On 5/15 I started to experience a lot of pain in my left shin. I thought that maybe I pulled a muscle, but this was unlike any other pain that I have ever experienced. The next day I noticed red blotching and swelling in the area. I went to urgent care and was diagnosed with cellulitis. I was immediately given an injection of antibiotics and was prescribed Clindamycin which I took for 17 days. Everything looked good after that but I felt like it was still there. Six days later the rash was back and so was the swelling. I just started on another 10 days of Clindamycin and I hope it knocks it out this time, but we’ll see. The doctors and I have no idea how I got this.

  64. I was diagnosed with cellulitis just last night 6/28 in the er . i’m in so much pain and can’t walk . I’m so scary and worry . i’m about to start the medical them give me clindamycin 10 days & Vicodin for pain . i hope it work

  65. My 9 year was just released from the hospital after a 5 day stay. He had facial cellulitis. His entire right side of his face was swollen. His eye was even swollen shut. He was put on an IV and clindamycin antibiotics. The swelling went down a lot and he can open his eye again. He still has a hard lump by his nose and he complains of it feeling numb. He still has 4 days of at home antibiotics. Has anyone ever had facial cellulitis? If so, how long did it take to completely recover?

  66. Was diagnosed with cellulitis after a night of fever and the next am red hot spot on my shin. Keflex was given and told to return in 24 hours for assessment. Doc sends me to ER the next day where I am sent home with home care for iv meds ceftriaxone for 5 days. On the last day, nurse saya to go back to er becauae looks pretty bad. So off i go am put back on iv keflex now t.i.d for 3 days. Still not better!! Dr puts me on oral keflex q.i.d and given a pressure stocking. This helps so much! The other thing thats helping for the buring is a cold damp towel and ice pack. I am a heavy person so i was told that can affect or cause this? aveeno anti itch cream helps alot as well as elevation. Speedy recovery to all.

    1. Dear Worried,

      Please note my comment above from 5-28-12, about the Thrombo-Guard. It’s very effective in the treatment, to get rid of the edema and allow the antibiotics into the tissues. Doctors don’t think of it–you need to bring it up at your appointment. Good luck.

  67. Second bout of cellulitus just flared up! Will the same antibiotics work second time round?? I’m
    Scared stiff of ending up
    In hospital! Don’t feel sick like last time and started on the antibiotics straight away!! But legs hot and itchy and painful to touch!! :(

  68. I was just diagnosed with this 2 days ago after noticing scab like lesions on both legs. I went to the ER and the docs put me on Vancomycin first (thinking it might have been MRSA), then I got the Clindamycin through the IV. Blood tests and cultures came back negative, and I have also been given an RX for Keflex antibiotic and Silver Sulfa-diazine. They say it looks better but itches to high heaven!

    If you think you might have it, go to the ER at your first convenience. I was in for 2 days :P

  69. Have had cellulitis now for 6 weeks in my left top foot. Er visit after Er visit…trying to find comfort. I am in a airboot now. Could not walk for 5 weeks just finally starting to walk without crutches ..got in my blood stream and I was sick for days. Nothing to play around with that’s foresure.

  70. I first had a nasty case of cellulitis about 5 years ago on my leg just above the ankle, which was treated successfully with intravenous and oral antibiotics in hospital. A few weeks ago, I had another bout and as I recognized what it was, went straight to my GP who prescribed oral antibiotics, which cleared it up fairly quickly, except that I felt a little ill on and off for a couple of weeks. About three weeks after the start, it cleared up completely. About three weeks later, redness again appeared in the original place and it became quite painful again. Back to the doctor (who said it was a mild case as I felt quite well this time), and prescribed oral penicillin and an antibiotic cream – which appeared to make the pain worse, so I stopped using it. The penicillin also caused ‘tummy’ troubles, so had to stop using that. I did loads of research on the internet and found someone who used a ‘castor oil pack’ on the affected leg. So far, after two nights of correctly applying a castor oil pack, I’ve noted a significant reduction of redness, swelling and discomfort. It now looks almost back to normal. Will keep applying ‘pack’ til, hopefully, it’s completely healed. Also, I take about 3 tablespoons colloidal silver daily. I make it myself, it’s a lot cheaper that way. (I will of course, keep an eye on it and go back to my doctor if it gets worse). It seems to be working so far for me. Time will tell.

  71. Thursday the nurse at my Doctors have me a flu shot and pnemonia shot in my left arm. By Friday night arm was was very red, swollen and paining me. I had no idea what was wrong. Saturday I went by the Ambulance shed and the emt told me to get to the doctor right away. Went to urgent care and he too diagnoised it as cellulitis. Today Tues. a lot of redness gone but very large lump plus bruises at inj site now are blistered. I am so upset with the nurse, actually not sure if she is a nurse or just an assistant. Doctor on Sat. said she might not have cleaned the inj. sites well plus the fact she gave the inj’s too close together (not even a 1/4 inch apart) which made the two medicines fight each other. I am going back to doctor where “nurse” gave me the inj. Trust me she will never give me a shot again! Have been so sick with this and in a lot of pain. all because I was trying to keep well. We will see how this developes. It does scare me as I am 73 yrs old.

  72. Oy! This is scaring me! I am in the hospital with first-time cellulitis. I bought a new pair of earrings about a week ago. My right ear lobe reacted and got infected (not unheard of for me to react to a metal that way). Suddenly, though, I had the chills and my whole ear was bright red and my lymph glands in the neck were swollen. I figured I was getting sick, so I went to bed and slept all day. The next morning, the whole right side of my face was swollen. When my doctor saw me, she sent me to the hospital. They said it is cellulitis, probably started by the earlobe infection. They gave me antibiotics and told me to come back if it got worse. It did. Now I’ve been on IV antibiotics for 3 days. The cellulitis crept down my face and into my eye, but it is a lot better now. I hope they send me home tomorrow, but now that I see how many people have repeated infections, I’m not happy. I imagine they will send me home with oral antibiotics. They wanted to give me Predisone, but I asked them not to because that would mean 5 more days in the hospital. Will this continue to happen to me? Should I rest when I get home?

  73. Okay so i woke up with this big red spot on my leg down by my ankle on my right leg and my ankle was swollen i couldnt walk and it was very very painful!! So friday (the 19th of october,2012) my bestfriend took me to the doctors and my regular doctor was on lunchbreak and there were 2 doctors who were new and a student doctor? Well they each kept pressing where the red swollen rash was and i wanted to kick them in the face it hurt so bad! So i got 2 perscriptions . One bactrim and then a cream called mupirocin i started doin the antibiotics the next morning and i went to work saturday and tried to work HORRIBLE idea ever!!!!! I had to leave early i was literally in tears cause im a server and am always on my feet! So i took off a few days and todays wednesday (24th) and the red blotchy rash is lightenin upp and the swellings going down but it still somewhat is painful to walk i’m on the antibiotics for 10 days and only have 5 days left !!! Hopefully it goes away cause i cannot stand this anymore this made me depressed and i cry all the time in pain and when i elevate my leg and try to get up and walk it feels stiff and hurts to walk but then the pain eventually calms down i just dont know what to do anymore!! It is getting itchy so i guess that means its healing! Hopefully for good though! Hope these antibiotics are workking and ill never get this again!!! Fingers crossed!

  74. Im scared.Ive only experienced Cellulitis recentlt…which Im still getting better.Does anyone have any advice to prevent it? Why does it itch so bad?-please help

  75. Guys I hope you find this post helpful. These things worked for me.
    On my third course of antibiotics and here are some really important things to help overcome it:
    You MUST elevate and rest your legs or it will NOT get better.
    Colloidal Silver soaked gauze or even a tissue, used as a dressing will calm it down, as it is a topical antiseptic.
    Cold salt water baths are good to soothe itching
    Emuaid is a great salve which is emu oil based and a powerful antiseptic and analgesic. Rub on a thin layer every 3 hours RELIGIOUSLY.
    Iodine is not something I have used but is reportedly amazing.
    Don’t put stupid things on it like raw bacon or other moronic things.
    Try not to keep the area moist until the bacteria start to die. Staph bacteria thrive in moist areas.
    Do not scratch, elevate above heart level and keep it clean. Cortisone does nothing so don’t bother. Keflex is the best antibiotic to keep it under control and if you’re concerned go to hospital and ask them to pump you full of antibiotics through an IV.
    Hope this helps.

  76. Hi All; One of my cats went “monkey on a cupcake” on my left hand early Tuesday morning. Went to the clinic, got a tetanus shot, clauvulin/amoxicillan combo and an xray (as he got 3 good bites in around the thumb joint). By Tuesday evening my thumb and half my hand was swollen and red so I went to emergency, as I know the signs of cellulitis and as well, cat bites are very toxic. By the time I was seen by the Dr. the redness was streaking up my arm to just above my elbow. Was given an IV drip and port and another prescription, and I’ve been going every morning now for outpatient IV antibiotics. I had very little bend in my thumb joint nearest the hand, but it’s starting to improve. Any itchiness I’ve combatted with alternating icepacks to dull the itch nerves. Hopefully will get the IV port out tomorrow. But did a half day of work today (mostly typing) and by supper I was getting shooting pains in my thumb and painful tingling over most of my hand. Using an icepack again for the tingling, but is this common?

  77. This is my second case of cellultis. I have big red blotchy patches and my skin itch like crazy . My skin from the last case still looks black and ugly. How can I get over this and will my skin everything look pretty again. I am getting very depressed behind this flesh eating disease!!

  78. I had a diagnosis of cellulitis on December 29, 2012…..very scary and terrifying….not to be taken lightly at all…I’ll tell you my story….it started around the last few weeks of December…I had been feeling crappy for a long time and was sick and tired of being sick and tired…had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and other ailments, all of which were livable…then I was starting a jogging/walking program the last few weeks of December…my best workout every, I came home and a temp. crown that had been loose for a while blew up in the most excrutiating pain you could imagine…….went to the dentist who put the crown in and they took x-rays and very quietly said “we’re putting you on antibiotics” after they showed me the x-rays of a very infected mouth….bad dentist didn’t contact me to pull the tooth because I owed them money…I had lost the job that had dental ins. with it….so I contacted another dentist who pulled the tooth a few days later…plus made an appt . to fill a few cavities…finished antibiotics and was feeling better (so I thought)…….when, I was cleaning a house a week or so later, and scraped something off the floor with my right thumb….(this was my “bad thumb” that I HAD SURGERY ON WHEN I WAS 16 years old)!!! I had a staph infection at 16 and had to have emergency surgery….i had it cut open and it drained for a few weeks..it was all infected….years went by and life went on….then, 37 YEARS LATER IT COMES BACK?? OR WAS IT EVER REALLY GONE???? This is a mystery to me; o.k., so something got stuck under my right thumb nail and I knew immediately something was wrong…metnioned to t he lady of the house that something got stuck under my nail………..went home and the PAIN BLEW UP LIKE A SIEVE…IT WAS EXCRUTIATING!!! brought back horrible memories……..I d idn’tknow what was going on and unfortunately didn’t go to the ER till the following evening……ER just took an x-ray wrapped it and diagnosed me with Cellulitis and sent me home with Cephalaxin…………thumb was not healing…….had a red streak going up my arm in the ER and they did nothing to help me except send me home………I couldn’t even get scrip t ill next morning…….they were all closed…so poison got in my body all that time……………..long story short suffered immensely…….so much pain………not healing right even though almost done scrip…..went to clinic……..Dr. cut thumb open had to numb it 4 or 5 different times…….horrible pain!…..wrapped it and sent me home with more antibiotics, this time Bactrim…………took over a month to even look normal….I’m done antibiotics and don’t have money for a specialist…….still have discomfort and some mild pain……..I don’t know what to do except live day to day……………I didn’t know if I would make it and don’t know how I’m alive today………no insurance and no one cares…………………thumb is still swollen…..I probably should’ve been given IV antibiotics but who knows?? Not a fun thing and I still suffer daily……peace to all affected by this horrible malady.

  79. Cellulites Feb 2012

    Mine started with the shivering and shakes through the night. I woke the next morning with a very red and swollen ankle. Went to the doctors who prescribed Anti Biotics straight away. He signed me off work for a week and told me to put my leg up and get plenty of rest. Told me to call if I got any worries. That I got hardly any sleep, was boiling hot and felt so ill. The next day I could not get out of bed. My ankle hurt so much and I just felt so dreadful. I called the Doc and he said get taken straight to A & E. I arrived at the Hospital and whilst I was waiting the pain got worst and a large Boil/Ulcer grew on the back of my leg. once I saw a nurse and doc they decided to admit me and put me onto I.V anti biotics. The back of my leg got worst by the hour. Lots more ulcers appeared. The nurses dressed the wound and over the next 12 days I stayed at the hospital on I.V and morphine and having the leg looked after. I finally came home ofter 14 days and was then taken care of by the Distritc nurses. They applied Manuka Honey patches for 2 weeks and then we went down to just cream and bandages. The worst part was having the leg bathed as we had to wash off all the layers of dead skin that had formed on the leg. I was a well behaved patient and because I rested and kept the leg up over the following 2 weeks my leg became so much better. in total now I have been off work for 1 month and the nurses still come every mon and Thurs. I am now left with my whole calf purple and still have to elevate my leg daily. Im not sure how long it will take for the purple to go but ill be patient. I have been told that this could happen again at any time so i will have to wear measured stockings to help the infection from happening again. Apparently i have trouble moving all the fluid from my legs which means instead of all the little bugs coming up through my kidneys and then coming out when i go to the loo they stay in my legs and break outwards. This has been so painful and the itching when the leg dried out was so so annoying. All I can say to anyone is that if you have the hot pain and swelling please go straight to the doctors or hospital. If I didnt go then i dread to think how ill I could have been !!!

  80. Mine start last Thursday 04/18/13: I woke up around 2am with the worst chills/shakes I have ever had and coughing. Initially I thought I was having an allergic reaction to a new medicince Lamisil that I had started taking for a bit of athletes foot on one of my toes.B y 6am I still had the chills and was having a hard time breathing (coughing caused throat to become a little swollen). My roommate finally convinced me to go to the ER…stupid me was waiting for the dr office to open, since it was just an allergic reaction. When I got to the ER I had an extremely high temp, really low blood pressure and a strange rash on my leg that the doctor noticed when he asked if anything hurt and I mentioned when I touched my leg it did….I did not notice the rash earlier. After all the test it came back as celluitis and sepsis. I was hospitalized for 4 days (2.5 in ICU since my fever would not break or blood pressure improve) on 2 different forms of IV antibiotics. They checked my heart via ultra sound for an infection of my valves my legs for blood clots…luckly I passed both with flying colors :) My infected area grew from a small area on my shin to whole front of my lower right leg wrapping around the left side of my calf; though it never connected all the way around…. I got stepped down to just having Keflex via IV then finally was sent home on 10 day of Keflex 500mg 4xs a day. No one mentioned staying off work or when to return to work just to keep my leg up and limit activity. I brought a footstool to work which isn’t great but leg is elevated. I am noticing that I am fine when I am sitting with leg up but if I do too much I get worn out and short of breath. Leg looks less red in the morning (I have been sleeping with it propped up on 3 pillows) but by the end of the day is red and warmer to the touch. Has anyone else experienced exhaustion and shortness of breath? For those hospitalized how long did you stay off work? I am just wondering if I am trying to do too much too soon (though I am a bit of a workaholic)

    1. “Has anyone else experienced exhaustion and shortness of breath?”

      While I didn’t get shortness of breath (that I noticed, but I have a big lung capacity) but I definitely got shortness of breath. My blood tests in hospital showed I had a low blood platelet count and that can be caused by sepsis:

      Symptoms mentioned there include fatigue and a quick Google suggests they can also include breathlessness.

      Coming out of hospital with a mental list of things I needed to get done before the next bout of cellulitis, I hit the ground running but completely ran out of steam. I’m afraid there isn’t much that can be done for the first week or so apart from taking it easy and eating lots of fresh fruit and veg (try and get in leafy greens like kale and spinach).

      I have a follow up blood test in a couple of weeks, but assume it should all be OK by then.

  81. Hello I have cellulitos at the moment, and its incredible itchy. I have taken antibiotics for the last two days and do feel dramatically feel better. What is the recomended time off work?

    1. My husband was recently diagnosed with Cellulitis – pain, swelling, redness whole of lower left leg…. also had sever chills and fever…. he has been on Teva-Levorfloacin 500mg. now for 3 days and luckily fever and swelling going down…. doctor told him to not go back to work for 10 days but first we have to see how his leg is after medicine is completed (1 tablet for 7 days)… He is also to wash with liquid Dial Anti-bacterial soap….. after shower when still wet, apply liquid moisturizing cream all over body including infected area of leg. Doc also gave him Lamisil Cream to apply to affected area ….. he is also to ensure to change socks, jeans each and everyday upon his return to work and to use Vaseline original Petroleum Jelly on his leg….. also to levitate leg higher then hip and ice red swollen area.
      He had a bout of this 2 years ago and after meds. the swelling went away but the itching and redness never did…… we figured that he once again scratched intensely thus causing this new infection. Will let you know how he is after completion of meds. – He is getting totally bored and is also not a couch potato….. lol

  82. I have had it for 3 years going on 4. It is on my lower hip wrapping around to my left butt cheek Clear to my crack engulfing my entire cheek.I have had 5 major bout s putting me in the hospital for a week or two, Between these major ones I get small to medium bouts during any of these I cant walk or do anything all I want to do is sleep. I lost my car and job s. The pain is my entire hip, butt all down my left side.
    I wish It would go away but I will have to live with it I am going to try for disability next time I can not work.

  83. Had cellulitis 4 years ago took about 3 months to go completely.But this year about 6 weeks ago I scraped the back of my leg when walking down the stone steps. Went to GP after a few days as it was getting a wee bit red and sore he put me on a weeks course of Flucloxacillin 500gm 4 times daily Took the course and leg scrape healed up great but the rash and itching had appeared all round the lower leg by that time driving me mad. I suffer from mild lymphodema so that doesn’t help Went back to GP mentioned the itch and redness so she gave me another 2 week course of Flucloxacillin.No cream though for itch which was driving me round the bend..Anyway I tried 5 different creams from pharmacy for itch but nothing helped.Then last Friday I was in health store and bought two 25gm tubes one of Manuka with tea tree and the other a Manuka skin ease repair both in gel form. Within 3 days leg started to look so much better.I am on my 2nd skin repair tube and almost there .A tiny wee itch now and again.So I would recommend these Manuka products as they have certainly helped me.

  84. On the 4th of July I was swimming and noticed my toe before my little toe burning like I had a cut. I kept checking and nothing was there. The next couple of days my toe started to swell into my foot. I went to the ER on the 8th and of course I had a student P.A. The dr came in for 2 mins and said I had cellulitus. He gave me a script of keflex and sent me home. I have a 3yr son 4 days a week and I work the other 3 days a week so missing work isn’t something I can do. I went to work today, doing construction (roofing), and I think that was a huge mistake. I came home and unwrapped my toe and its huge and red. Its on fire and I feel like I broke every bone in my foot. I have never had any type of infection like this. All I can think of is worst case scenarios. I dont want my toe amputated. Its not the prettiest toe in the world but its my toe. I think I am calling off tomorrow and may go back to the ER. What should I watch for? Like when should I be worried. I have no red streaks. It isnt super hot when I feel the skin. Its just a hard red lump with a bunch of swelling.

    1. You need to take this seriously. I’m in the UK and developed cellulitis 3 weeks ago, unknown to me. Was sick and shaking on and off for 3-4 days, on the second day noticed a red patch on my ankle and this spread. By the evening of the fourth day most of my lower leg was bright red, covered in small blisters and excruciatingly painful if I touched it or stood up. Went to the doctors the next day to discover that this is something very serious. After two days of 1 gram of penicillin per day there was no improvement so the cellulitis team were sent out to me. By this time I had a HUGE blister on the back of my calf which eventually semi-burst and looked gross. They wanted to hospitalise me but then decided to stick with antibiotics at home, but they came each day to check up on me – you don’t do that unless this condition is very serious. By the following week (so 10 days later) they referred me to my medical practice for daily dressings by the nurses plus district nurse visits on Sat and Sun. Just finished the antibiotics yesterday so am anxious to see what happens now. Googled wound healing and have bought Vit C, Vit B, Zinc, Bromelain, Kotu ?smg, and probiotics. I am signed off work for another two weeks and it has been indicated that I will be off for longer. I have never had anything like this in my life and I am conscious that what we can see on the surface of our skin is the least of our worries – it is infection in the deep levels of the skin that we need to consider. Every medical professional I have encountered has made it clear that this is serious. My dear 93 year uncle, a retired pharmacist, said ‘treat it with respect’. So, I feel if you are not sure whether to go to the ER or not, GO!! Also, so sorry that some of you have to worry about whether you can afford to go. The NHS has its issues but at least I don’t have to consider that as it is free at the point of use. Thank God.

    2. Also, meant to say it has been drummed into me that I must keep it elevated in order for it to heal, so if you are working in construction you can’t do this. The district nurse told me categorically that is will not heal unless I do this. Also, I was told to look for tracking where it spreads up the vein – it had started to do that but then stopped. This is serious. I have been referred to see a tissue viability nurse (great name!) and have an appointment on 22 August – so this thing is going to be hanging around for some time. Hope you get on OK – I guess like any illness it can vary in seriousness but you need to take care.

  85. July 24,2013. Let me start by saying I’m sorry we all have to go through this but I’m glad I’m not alone! I was first diagnosed June on this year had cellulitis on both feet. I was having other medical issues and the side effects on the medication were the same as the symptoms of cellulitis!! It did take a few weeks for the me to finally go to the Dr and ask what was wrong.

    Since then I now today have it again on my face.
    This is a little back ground. I have no cuts, no open wounds, no dried out patchy leaky patches. Also my skin,even still on my feet, is discolored. Kind of a purplish tint. Will it ever go back to a normal color? I’ve asked my Dr and I get a well just have to wait and watch it.

  86. Day-1: I came home after a men’s breakfast at church this past Saturday. I suddenly felt like I was hit by a mac truck…exhausted, body temp over 100 and had the chills and my bones felt sore. Thought it was the flu or food poisoning. Day-2: Sunday morning around 11am my leg feels sore…awe, looks like cellulitis to me (I’ve had it 4 times now in 10 years…1st time it was caused by scraping coral when snorkeling). I went to the urgent care and of course they gave me Keflax to treat it. 4 pills a day for 10 days. Fever and chills gone. Day-3: my right leg was red, swollen up to my knee and patchy…the tender part of my inner thigh above the knee became all red too (about 4 x 8 inch size). Man I wanted to take more pain meds…but decided to stay away from them. They make you feel lousy. Day-4: here I am leg up and reclining in my chair. Redness, swelling decreasing finally. But still here. It’s at least a 7-10 day affair with meds but I pray I have turned the corner toward full recovery. How did I get it? I think I was scratched on my leg when playing with my grandson. Three days after the scratch…boom, I’m down.

  87. A bit of history first:

    In January 2012 I had surgery and unfortunately contracted MRSA. Spent the next 2 1/2 months on vancomycin with a week on zyvox thrown in at the beginning of my treatment. In December 2012 MRSA raised it’s ugly head again and once again I was prescribed zyvox to combat it. I was told by my doctors that MRSA had probably colonized in my system and could erupt in the future at any time.

    This past August (2013) I had surgery once again and was immediately put on antibiotics both in the hospital and on duricef for 14 days at home…just in case.

    On September 10th I woke up to find my right elbow swollen to 3 times it’s size, red, hot, and painful to the touch. And there was a hard lump just below that on my forearm. Like a fool I listened to people who said I’d probably banged my arm without realizing it or that I’d gotten an insect bite and that the swelling would go down soon and to apply ice packs and take tylenol. I did as they suggested (one of my advice givers is a nurse) and waited. By the weekend it hadn’t gotten any better and the hard lump below my elbow had become hot, red, and painful as well. I finally ignored everyone and went to see my doctor but a full week had already passed. My doctor instantly diagnosed it as cellulitis and prescribed 500 mg of cipro twice a day and 875 mg of augmentin also twice a day.

    I’ve been taking those drugs for a week now and I don’t see much improvement. The pain, redness, heat, and swelling are still present. Luckily it hasn’t gotten worse. I was told to go to the hospital if the area got larger or if I saw red streaking up or down my arm…neither of those things have happened. Still, I am considering checking into the hospital for the iv drip. I’m worried that with my history of infection that these oral meds aren’t strong enough.

    I am hoping that someone here might have an idea as to how long it takes after starting the cipro & augmentim to see any significant change. The only difference I can tell is that the site has gotten itchy. I put Aquaphor on it several times a day to keep the area moisturized and that definitely helps with the tight stretched feeling of my skin.

    I am sorry to see that so many people are suffering from this very painful affliction. Sorrier still to read that it has reoccurred to some. I wish you all a complete recovery.

    1. After reading this I am also concerned that the one thing everyone has is common is it KEEPS COMING BACK…I’m on my second day of antibiotics, hoping it clears up… UGH !!!!

  88. I have cellulitis on my right foot the pain is unbearable but I never had a fever or got sick. I’m on my second day of Clindmycin. Pain is so bad in the mornings I can hardly get out of bed. I was told I might have to have my big toe removed. All the blood work came back good but I’m really scared oh by the way this is my second antibotic I have been on

    1. Hope you are doing better, this can be a nasty infection for sure…I was on IV antibiotics for four days sent home with oral antibiotics, after a week it wasn’t clearing up, so I was started on Bactrim today… UGH!!!! Hope it starts to heal soon. My cellulitus is on my left foot and like so many others I have no idea how I contracted it.

  89. Wow. I read online that 30 percent of people who develop cellulitis get it again. It sure seems like more than that by reading this board. I got cellulitis for the first time in 11/12. It came from an infected bite wound on my neck (long story) and developed slowly over the course of a few days. By the time I went to the ER, the redness had expanded so far they considered admitting me. Instead they let me go home with oral antibiotics and in a week, it was gone. Fast forward exactly one year and I’m back in the ER again – with cellulitis in exactly the same spot! This time, I had no idea where it came from. A week’s worth of oral antibiotics worked again but 3 months later I noticed a growing red, raised, warm spot very close to where the cellulitis was before. I had some mupirocin ointment on hand so I put a layer if it on the affected skin and the next day it was gone. None of the doctors I’ve talked to at the ER or my GP seem concerned about any of this, I guess because my episodes have been mild….but that doesn’t mean they are going to stay mild, right? Not to mention now everytime I find a red spot on my skin, I start freaking out. Tonight I found a small tender red spot near where the cellulitis occurred and now I’m sitting here with mupirocin lathered on my shoulder reading cellulitis message boards. I should mention I had a complete blood panel with CBC done in December and everything was fine except for slightly elevated cholesterol, so although I understand why I got it the first time, I have no idea why it keeps coming back. I’d love to hear more feedback from people who have ideas on how to keep cellulitis away if you’re out there. I’m tired of living in fear.

    1. I got celliltus on my stomach about 3 weeks ago and still have lumps under my skin. I am taking cylindamincin. I know I got mine from working in the yard with no gloves (as I am an avid gardener for many years). I was pulling up my loose fitting garden pants and my tummy itched and I scratched it. A few days later, I got a red hard lump on the right side of my stomach and went to the doctor and she told me it was celliltus and prescribed Bactrum ( this was on a Friday..i got chills and a high fever) By Monday, it had swelled so badly, I could not bend over or barely walk. I went to he doctor and he took one look at my stomach and told me to go straight to the hospital as he was admitting me. They gave me intravenious antibiotics for 2 days. I came home and my continued taking oral antiobiotics and my stomach started sprouting its own little “drains” and my stomach went down. I have never had more pain in my life and being on my stomach was/is the pits. I just wonder when these lumps will go away completely!

    2. Hi Stephanie,
      I had cellulitis a few years back and everyone should know (if they don’t already) that IF you have cellulitis especially MRSA based that you are literally fighting for your life. You are, in the absence of a positive response from whatever antibiotic you might be taking, possibly hours or days away from being dead. Therefore it behooves one who knows they are at risk to cultivate a healthy body and immune system since ultimately that is what protects/cures you and to do all you can to help it out. In my case it means extreme vigilance with any type of skin lesion and especially if it looks at all like an insect bit and itches. I asked the health care system a ton of questions during my scare and found out that I have CA-MRSA (CA = community aquired) which means that somewhere (probably along my athletic career) I was exposed to MRSA and now have it as part of my normal skin bacteria biosphere (all us humans have bacteria growing all over us all the time- it is normal and actually needed for good health, immune function, etc) the problem happens when one type of normal bacteria finds its way somewhere on/in the body where it ISN’T supposed to be and causes an infection. CA-MRSA is relatively common now (due to overuse, inappropriate use, and normal bacterial responses to antibiotics) and in fact the ER doc confessed to me that he had it too and also had become extra-aware of any skin lesion or insect bite looking bump. I suspect that you too will become this way and then respond immediately to any that look suspicious. I was flipping out initially but have adjusted hygiene habits to pay closer attention accordingly. I am on this blog because just recently (it had been some time since my last “bites” (fyi – they are not spider bites…)) I had 4 bumps on my upper thigh and they were extremely reminiscent of the itchy bump that started my scare episode years back. Similar place too but opposite leg. Anyway I got out of shower and after drying off noticed I wanted to scritch the itch and then became aware of the red bumps. Of course it is CRITICAL that you do NOT scratch them as this will likely cause a worse infection. What I have been doing – my own technique with no specific advice from physician – is too daub a concentrated provoiodine solution (betadine…) and let it dry (I use a blow dryer on cold sometimes to help) until I actually have a film of iodine over the red spots. Sometimes I allow myself too to vigorously “scrub” the area with the Q-tip dipped in betadine as a way of “cheating” to itch the area a bit but always with restraint! Then when I have a good layer of iodine film I cover the spots with dry band-aids so that I have some protection against clothes rubbing and/or me forgetting and trying to scratch. The trouble it takes to put on the band-aids helps me to remember to quit scratching (you know how you can do things sometimes and not be fully aware – like scratching an itch…) anyway I feel the bandages under the scratch and it reminds me to quit because if I don’t then I’ll have to re-apply the bandage I just scratched away! What a PITA! This last go ’round I started doing all of the above and then dripping extra betadine into the pad of the already placed band-aid. So far my technique seems to work – I have zapped it onto any number of red bumps since having become sensitized to my risk and though I have no conclusive proof that any of the bumps I was attacking were indeed MRSA, I have not yet had another run in with a bad staph and/or cellulitis condition. In fact usually the bumps heal up within a week or so. This last round I am pretty darn sure was a repeat performance of what caused me much grief in my past ignorance and though they are “healed” the skin color has not yet completely gone to normal. In my mind I am convinced that my rapid application of providone-iodine and subsequent monitoring and attention have saved me multiple times from having to potentially take antibiotics and/or battle a severe cellulitis infection. Every day I inspect carefully for any signs that the “bite” (small infection) is increasing or becoming streaky red and if anything were to seem amiss would immediately find time that day to see my GP. My theory is that the iodine solution is watery enough to find its way down into the infected hair follicle (or whatever) and helps to slow down where the bacteria can spread until my immune system can mobilize enough forces to the area and correct the infection. I figure that the iodine also knocks down the immediate bacterial population on the surface of the skin in that area too so that the critters that are in the wrong place can’t get reinforcements from above. Just my theory anyway but so far so good but if anyone else tries this and it doesn’t work (always check each day at least once and better more often especially the first days after discovery) GO TO THE DOCTOR!… I hope this helps and allows you to relax a bit about the worry of needing to be on the watch for possible staph infections – yeah it stinks not to be blissfully ignorant but I will hands down trade the PITA of preventative maintenance for the chance to avoid the all-too-real life/death struggle with cellulitis. Best wishes-

  90. I had never heard of cellilitus until I got it a few days ago on my stomach. I was hospitalized for 2 days with IV drugs and been off work for 2 weeks.

  91. I have this now and was diagnosed on Tuesday. Not too sure how I got it exactly but seems to trace back to me being clumsy and walking into a bench causing a cut in my leg. Anyhow, I am on some meds and the pain is pretty much gone but the swelling doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. When under treatment, how long does the swelling generally take to ease? Should I be off my feet? I am a rather active person so this is killing me to stay still.

  92. What a great site!!!! Well had cellulitis 2 years ago, has now reoccurred 4 days ago, had the usual chills and feeling cold on a hot summers day, anyway as opposed to the first time I got this I would stress that anyone goes to the doctors immediately if they get a sniff of any of the associated symptoms of this horrible condition, I was out on 500mg fluxloxacillin for 3 days, so far 3rd day the redness had decreased from the felt mark the doctor drew on the leg, the swelling has increased because I DID NOT elevate my leg, you MUST do this, I know it sounds like a passing run of the mill comment from the docs but it’s true!!!! Anyway good luck to anyone who comes across this site for advice but just to say get medication ASAP, dont leave it and think it will get better or go away!!!

  93. I had cellulitis in my right foot last february, probably caught it because of athletes feet. Had to stay two weeks in hospital, with IV antibiotics, after that I had a 4 week course of taking Zyvox. In total I had to stay about two months in bed without moving much, -just going to the toilet was a struggle: as soon as I stood up, blood rushed into my feet and caused terrible pain.

    It has been six months now since I got cellulitis, and my foot still is a bit thick and purple. If I stay standing still without moving the foot, it gets more discolored and it feels a bit discomfortable.

  94. 1 teaspoon cinnamon
    500 mg vit c
    100 mg B1
    1 tablespoons ground glove
    1/2 onion peeled, raw

    repeat for 5 days, works like a charm for cellulitis

  95. That could be my leg. I got cellulitus 5 weeks ago (8/27/14)in my right calf. 3 ER visits followed by 3 days in hospital then 14 days of antibiotics seemed to do the trick. However, my right ankle still swells a bit by each evening (ok in the morning). Doctor seemed to think it might take weeks for the swelling to go away (cells were severely disrupted in lower right leg by the infection) . Is this normal? reading the posts here I see a lot of victims where it takes months for this to go away.

  96. After being ‘cured’ of my cut induced cellulitis, my one foot remained a mottled red (like I was wearing a red ankle sock) for two years & 3 or 4 months! I’ve been diag. w/ cellulitis on a shin these 6 or so years later– no cut this time. Had no idea what caused the pain. Thought I must have pulled a muscle- though felt as though if I’d look down, there’d be a broken bone protruding from my left shin. Then about a week after the initial pain I was totally unable to walk on either leg – painfully crept to a bed on my knees– even that was excruciating. The next day though I could walk and paint was bearable, a mottled red band appeared on my leg and so headed to the ER. Was busy preparing to move- had no idea how sick I was– was so stressed & busy.
    The antibiotics the first time I was diag. with cellulitis and again this time the antibiotics have caused debilitating joint pain that goes on and on. And like defending a loved one doctors won’t speak ill of the antibiotics or mention them as a cause of joint pain. My first round of joint pain lasted about 2 1/2 years after the cellulitis was supposedly cured– and in just a matter of a few days the joint pain was gone.
    Cellulitis can kill you, but the joint pain can make you feel like a paraplegic. Good luck. (Excuse type-o’s please)

  97. Hi , after fever feeling rough and 3″ either side of my elbow I went hospital , 7 days later and lots of Iv antibiotics I’m home on oral antibiotics feeling loads better but still have none painful jelly lump on my arm ? Any one out there got any answers for me if this is normal or is it a time thing to clear up ?

  98. My Cellulitis is different from all of the othets. It showed up like a half of tennis ball full of fluid under the skin. II had to go to the EL to have it landed then I have to ya have it packed twice daily with 1/2 ” cottonpacking. In addition, I have to take Doxycycline 100th twice daily for 28 days. Packing is very painful. I have to sing the OSU fight song to overcome the pain of oacking. Pleas feel free to contact me @ 614- 519-9400.


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